Go to Common

We are specialized in consolidating software applications which are working in isolated mode to a single unified platform. There might be duplication of same functionalities built in multiple systems with in the organization or duplication of same data stored in different database for each individual application, for example customer data may be stored in sales system and at the same time stored in the billing system. Though the purpose of the data usage is different, it may be the same data used again and again. As a first step we build on common data mart for all domains in the organization, then we build services to access these domains and data. Once the services are built we will migrate the isolated applications to one unified platform. Users need not log in multiple times, one single sign on will help users to access suite of applications. As part of the migration to single unified platform, applications will be tightly integrated. This will increase efficiency; avoid data discrepancy, common services shared by multiple applications. It may also save infrastructure and hardware cost.

We have successfully implemented Go to Common in one of our banking clients and it has been highly appreciated by the senior stake holders, saved millions of dollars for the organization. This also helped to eliminate the different systems used in multiple countries and implement one global system of all countries.